Here’s how a group of climbers can inspire you to hike

Here’s how a group of climbers can inspire you to hike

Trek brigade

The city may be well-known for its music scene, but rarely mentioned is the passion for rock climbing and the opportunities hikers find in the nearby hills.

Among the passionate group of trekkers is ‘The Climbing Project’, which inspires people to get outdoors and in the middle of nature. They invite many to explore the Turahalli forests, Ravugodlu and other scenic areas that also promise a good workout for the body.

And what more, the group encourages those taking part in their programmes to let their Labradors and Great Danes to tramp along in their trekking expeditions. The group mainly holds workshops for people of all ages to prepare them to climb the toughest of terrains from boulders to hills. “The Project also wants to make climbing accessible for everyone,” its co-founder Saurabh Chauhan told DH.

“Unlike other sports, climbing requires several equipments not so easily available in India and the ones available are expensive,” he said, adding that the project is aiming to buy the equipments for the use of the climbers. The gear can be bought from the funds raised out of workshops.

As a sport, climbing is liberating; it enhances focus, strength and flexibility.

“Climbing has different forms,” Chauhan explained. This includes, among other things, bouldering, sport climbing done in teams of two with protective ropes and bolts, traditional climbing on cracks in the terrain with removable gears.

Beginning in 2017, the project has already trained 500 people in various forms of climbing.

They host climbing adventures each weekend around the city, besides organising climbing trips once a month to Hampi, Mysuru and other places.