IISc to draw Smart Cities data specs

IISc to draw Smart Cities data specs

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has asked the Indian Institute of Science to draw data exchange specifications for the Smart Cities Mission.

A pilot of the same was tested in Bengaluru on Wednesday. Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has initiated the development of Indian Urban Data Exchange (IUDX) for the Smart Cities Mission.

Smart Cities Mission is aimed at catalysing investments in holistic infrastructure and services, development of integrated approaches to problem-solving, promotion of co-creation and bottom-up innovation using technology and creation of sustainable outcomes by espousing the circular economy and participatory processes built around communities.

Smart Cities Mission officials and administrators are entrusted with the responsibility of gathering the data that is made available by the smart sensors deployed in cities to generate additional business intelligence to further improve their operational excellence.

“In order to facilitate this, MoHUA has identified the need for a standards-based, open data exchange framework, that will enable easy exchange of data between various city departments and organisations. Such a framework will enable true data empowerment for the city’s administrators and other stakeholders and usher in the phase of data-driven, smart operations for our cities,” said an IISc official.

The IISc has been asked to lead this effort to create the specifications for such a data exchange platform through a broad collaboration.