KIA gets advanced real-time cargo tracking system

KIA gets advanced real-time cargo tracking system

The Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) here now has a new shipment tracking platform that uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for cargo handling operations.

Air India SATS Airport Services Pvt Ltd (AISATS) launched this platform, becoming the first and only air cargo terminal operator in India to use this technology for real-time cargo tracking.  This technological initiative is a collaboration between the AISATS and its Singapore-listed joint venture stakeholder, SATS Ltd. 

AISATS’ air cargo operations at the KIA increased to 97,486 tonnes in the first quarter of the current financial year. This is a growth of 16.6% over the same period in the previous financial year. As more airlines commence operations and increase their flight frequencies, air cargo volumes and movement at the airport are expected to surge significantly in the near future. 

AISATS manages two dedicated cargo-handling centres at the airport, namely the AISATS Air Freight Terminal and the AISATS COOLPORT. 

“RFID technology will enable AISATS to undertake real-time cargo tracking for end-to-end visibility and faster turnaround. The RFID tracking system, capable of processing large quantities of cargo, will further bolster speed and accuracy, thereby making the cargo handling process more secure,” an official release said. 

The RFID technology uses radio waves to transfer data from an electronic reader to an RFID tag and vice versa. The ground-handling staff can use a hand-held RFID scanner to scan the shipment pieces at various stages of the cargo handling process. 

Once the RFID-tagged shipment is scanned, the RFID-enabled device will send Airway Bill (AWB)-related information to a tracking platform, enabling all stakeholders to undertake real-time, end-to-end cargo tracking. 

The platform is capable of tracking shipments at two levels- the shipment piece level and the ULD/container level. This technology can also be leveraged for express cargo, valuables and perishables amongst others.