#BringBackSpider-Man outrage spreads after hero's exit

#BringBackSpider-Man outrage spreads after hero's exit

Marvel shock

Marvel Shock

Weaving his web of magical fan-connect, Spider-Man had forayed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with great finesse. Now, his departure after a dramatic fallout between Sony Pictures and Marvel’s parent firm Disney, has Spidey fans shattered.

First, the hard part: Indications are that the fallout had a profit-sharing motive after the last Spidey movie ‘Far From Home’ turned the highest-grosser for Sony Pictures. Talks between the two Hollywood studios reportedly failed, and Spider-Man’s fate was on the edge.

But the harder part had Spidey fans stunned: Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige’s apparent disinterest to produce anymore live-action Spider-Man films, had them triggering a Twitter storm.

Their MCU obsession and Spidey’s cameo-styled camaraderie with the starcast in Civil War, Infinity War and End Game meant the fans’ angst would have just one target: Sony. And the hashtag that carried their collective angst: #BringBackSpiderman.

“How dare you take our Spidey away?” This tweet packed the fiercest punch, as Twitterati went berserk, pitchforking Spider-Man to the top of Wednesday’s trends.

Their anguished pleas and bursts of anger had just one hero and one villain. This tweet put no one in doubt: “The fact that they pulled Spider-Man from the MCU for profit just upsets me. Please just make the new agreement happen.”

Dripping with emotion, this tweet came straight from the heart: “Wow really Sony? You snatched Spider-Man from us right after we started loving him? Tony died for his movie! #BringBackSpiderman.”

For Disney/MCU, Spider-Man was a prize catch when they struck a deal with Sony in 2015. Peter Parker had dived right into the superhero-packed Marvel Universe, but Sony retained the creative control.

Audiences were fascinated by this cross-studio partnership. What appeared onscreen drove them up the euphoric wall. The teenaged Spider-Man quickly entrenched himself in the MCU scheme of things, cementing a riveting relationship with Tony Stark, the Iron Man.

There could yet be a twist in the unfolding End Game between Disney and Sony. But as uncertainty over Spidey’s MCU future looms, Sony has two stand-alone films in the works.