Meet on Nobel laureate Leggett held

Anthony Leggett

An International symposium to honour Nobel laureate Anthony Leggett celebrating his 80th birthday was held at Raman Research Institute, between February 3 and 4.

Many speakers from India and abroad dwelt on a variety of topics close to Leggett’s research. Leggett made his reflections on the topic, ‘Physics in the 21 st Century: Open Questions and Future Directions’.

Leggett’s support facilitated the setting up of the first dedicated photonic laboratory in India at Raman Research Institute.

During his talk, Legget said, “Among the future challenges of physics, particularly important is the need for a clear understanding of dark matter and dark energy, superconductivity at room temperature. In conjunction with building a quantum computer, it is equally important to identify tasks where we can have a significant advantage over classical computing.”

He added, “Applications of physics in neuroscience and probing novel aspects of psychophysics are also topics of considerable future importance.”

Urbasi Sinha, convener, Celebrating Sir Anthony Leggett’s 80th Birth Anniversary said, “Anthony Leggett is one of the most celebrated physicists and deep thinkers of our time.” 

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