No love, only dhokha and robbery at Majestic

No love, only dhokha and robbery at Majestic

Some auto-rickshaw drivers have teamed up with a gang of women which lures gullible travellers with sex and then robs them. 

A 38-year-old software engineer from Shivamogga was robbed of Rs 12,000 last week. 

Nateshappa (name changed), of JP Nagar, boarded the metro at Yelachenahalli to go to Majestic where he intended to board a bus to his hometown. But he missed the Majestic metro station and got off at Malleswaram. He then hailed an auto to the Majestic bus stand. The driver requested Nateshappa to lend him his phone, saying he wants to call up a friend. The driver called up a woman who boarded the auto near Majestic. 

The woman and the driver threatened Nateshappa, saying they would frame him in a false case of sexual harassment if he didn’t part with money. They took away his wallet which contained Rs 6,000. But that was not all. They took him to an ATM near Sudarshan Lodge and forced him to withdraw another Rs 6,000. 

The auto driver then drove to Balaji Bar and Restaurant. He and the woman got off there and had drinks. They asked Nateshappa to join them but he said he doesn’t drink and stayed put in the auto. The partners in crime later asked Nateshappa if he wants to have sex. He said he just wants to go to his hometown. 

At this juncture, the suspects forced him to call up his wife, tell her he doesn’t have any cash and ask her to transfer money to his bank account. Nateshappa did as told but his wife sensed he was in trouble. She booked a cab for him and asked him to come home. When the cab pulled in, the suspects panicked and drove off. 

Nateshappa went home and told his wife that he had indeed lost money. But she was suspicious. She checked his phone and stumbled on the woman’s number. When she confronted him, he blurted out the truth. The couple later filed a police complaint. 

Nateshappa’s wife said she gave given the police the photograph of the woman suspect but they hadn't taken action despite knowing where she lives.