Peripheral Ring Road to be based on CDP - 2031

Peripheral Ring Road to be based on CDP - 2031


The Bangalore Development Authority has decided to follow the Comprehensive Development Plan - 2031, to ensure that the construction of the Peripheral Ring Road, and the infrastructure development along the corridor are realised at a quicker pace. 

The government is keen on a mix of infrastructural development along the PRR, not just commercial development. The government has already directed the BDA to ensure the same. But, there is no clarity in the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) at the moment, on the extent of commercial and residential development, or the ratio.

As a result, the BDA has decided to follow the upcoming Comprehensive Development Plan - 2031 (CDP - 2031).

“To hold meetings with land losers and for land acquisition purposes, it has been decided to use the master plan as the base. It will be beneficial as the master plan is getting finalised, and will remain the same for at least 10 years,” said a BDA source.

In 2016, the state government along with BDA board members had decided to allot land along the PRR exclusively for commercial works, in order to raise money for the project. Later, the idea was lost in red tape. The special purpose vehicle formed to look into PRR development could not make any headway either. Though the state government has assured to loan Rs 10,000 crore for the PRR, things are moving at a slow pace.

At the last board meeting, it was decided to have residential and commercial spaces all along the PRR. There will be room for mixed zone development as well. But, the ratio is not decided yet. This has left the land losers in a turmoil, as earlier they were to partner with the BDA in the developmental works.

“According to a 2016 Supreme Court order, the BDA cannot acquire any additional land for the PRR. Only 1,810 acres for the 65-km-long PRR can be acquired. There is a need for clarity on the development along the PRR as this will help raise money for the project. So, it has been decided that until there is any clarity, the BDA master plan will be held as the master document,” the BDA source said.

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