Three nurses having Nipah symptoms asked to stay indoors

Three nurses having Nipah symptoms asked to stay indoors

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Three nurses showing symptoms of the Nipah (NiV) virus have been asked to stay indoors and isolate themselves to prevent communicating the infection.

All of them are natives of Kerala, working with different hospitals in the city. They have just returned from their hometowns and complained of cough, headache and body ache.

Since they have recently returned from Kerala, where the virus has claimed 14 lives, health officials suspect that they could be infected with the NiV and have asked to quarantine themselves.

Dr B G Prakash Kumar, deputy director, National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme, said that the swab samples of the nurses have been sent to the Manipal Centre to determine if they have been infected.

"Since the Manipal centre is (currently) testing for the infection, we have sent the samples there for the time being. If the samples test positive for the infection, they would be sent to National Institute of Virology in Pune for reconfirmation," Dr Kumar said.

The deputy director said surveillance against the Nipah virus has been intensified in the state. The health department is constantly evaluating the endemic areas and issuing travel advisory to those visiting Kerala. It also provides information on Nipah through its helpline 104.