Man held 6 days after killing wife over affair

Man held 6 days after killing wife over affair

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The city police have arrested a man for killing his wife over suspected infidelity.

Kailash Chandra Bapi (28), a native of Mirzapur in Odisha, was nabbed when he returned to Bengaluru six days after committing the crime. According to police, Kailash, a mosquito net factory worker, killed his wife on June 19 after a fight. He was on the run ever since. 

Kailash had been working in the city for 10 years. He married Malathi Sahu (21) five years ago and brought her here two years ago.

The couple, who had a love marriage, was living in a rented accommodation in Kaveripura. 

Fight over money issues

Recently, Kailash began suspecting his wife of infidelity. According to police, the couple had frequent quarrels over financial issues. Kailash used to hand over half of his salary to his wife while Malathi evaded questions about her salary and expenditure. 

On June 19, the couple had another fight over money. Kailash accused Malathi of having an extramarital affair and alleged that she was spending money on another man. The spat turned ugly and Kailash, in a fit of rage, smothered her with a pillow.

He covered her body in a bedsheet, locked the house and fled to Odisha. 

The murder came to light when the owner of the building went to meet Kailash. He found the door locked and their two-year-old daughter crying. He peeped through the window and found Malathi lying on the bed. 

The police arrested Kailash on Sunday when he returned from Odisha. The child was handed over to Malathi’s parents, police said.