Write KSR station's name in Kannada, urges social media

Write KSR station's name in Kannada, urges social media

A screengrab of Google Map showing Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna station written in Tamil.

Messages, tweets and campaigns have caught steam with social media users urging Google to ensure Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna (Bengaluru City) railway station be written in Kannada on Google Maps.

The issue surfaced after social media users found that the name of this railway station in Bengaluru was displayed in Tamil and English on the map.

A message was circulated on a social media platform asking users to log in and suggest edits on Google Maps while on the other social media platforms, there was criticism for not using the official language of the state.

“Dear Google Maps, KSR Bengaluru Railway Station is in Karnataka, not Tamil Nadu. Please remove Tamil words and correct it,” said Vijay Kumar, one of the Twitter users.

“It is an honour to have Rayanna’s name for a railway station in the city. As a Kannadiga, I would never want the name of Sangolli Rayanna to be in Tamil, especially in Karnataka. Google must update the name in Kannada letters on Google maps. I have not started this campaign, but I support this campaign as Kannada is the official language in Karnataka,” said Sri Vishnu, who edited the name of the station in Kannada on Google maps.

“If we all can see, the names of places in Tamil Nadu are in Tamil, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in Telugu and therefore in Karnataka, it should be Kannada and nothing else.”

Arun Jawagal, a pro-Kannada activist, said he was hopeful that with so many messages being circulated about the same, authorities took necessary action.

In an official response, Google said that the issue had been resolved and the name was now written in Kannada.