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Dear Sir,
I am a 19-year-old boy. I was a regular student for my II year PUC Science, and I have failed three of my subjects. And now I think I cannot get through my exams. At present, I have very low concentration ability, some worthless personal problems and distraction that I cannot overcome.
I am very worried about my future. I do not want to waste a year and want to take admission from any open university for any Commerce, Arts or any other creative field and get my graduation. But after that could I get post-graduation as a regular student in good recognised university or institution? Sir, please suggest me a way out of this dilemma.
Depressed student

Dear Student
It is quite possible that you failed in PUC because you took up Science, whereas your aptitude and strengths were in other areas like Commerce, Social Science, creativity, management, etc. Please do not get pulled down by this temporary set back.  As long as you are willing to move on, you can build up your education and career. But do ensure you are taking the right choice since you have mentioned three different fields - narrow down first based on your interest and ability.
Since you have crossed 18 years, you can certainly enroll under open university system for degrees like B.Com., BBA, BCA, etc., and admissions are on now in Karnataka State Open University, Bangalore University, and many others all over the country. You can enroll in any recognised university in any state, as long as you can access their exam centre.  Degrees from these universities are recognised for PG admissions in regular courses, competitive exams and government service.

Creative fields
Dear sir,
I'm a regular reader of your column in Deccan Herald. I wish to seek help from you about courses for students who have completed class ten.
I had taken-up PUC (PCMB) after passing my tenth with an aggregate of 70.2%. But even after three attempts I have not been able to clear my Maths paper. I now wish to take-up some course (non-science) using my tenth standard marks card. Can you please inform me about such courses and their scope. I'm interested to do something in the media or fashion space.
Worried Reader.

Dear Worried Reader
It is very sad that you could not clear Math in three attempts. It probably means that you are a right-brained (emotional, interpersonal, literary or creative) person, and your mathe-logical skill is not very high.  Only girls have the option of studying Physics, Chemistry and Biology with Home Science (PCBH), but boys have to take Math with science.
Hence if you have decided to go into media or design fields, do check out your potential and skills in those areas to ensure you do not make a mistake again.  You can either enroll for an Open University three-year degree in the subject of your choice, or take up a short-term vocational course and then get practical experience by working in an entry-level job.

Dear Sir,
My daughter is studying in the 9th standard and she appears to be interested in Astronomy. Please advice about the academic course she should pursue after her plus 2. Which college/ university offers recognised degree courses in Astronomy? What are career prospects like in Astronomy?
S Raghunath

Dear Raghunath
Firstly, ensure that she is keen to make a career in Astronomy and is not just getting carried away by the awe of the sky, stars etc.  She can take science for her +2, and either do a basic engineering or a B.Sc. with Physics.  Then she can do her Masters in specialised institutions like Indian Institute of Science, Indian Institute of Astro-physics, etc.  Career prospects will be mostly in scientific and research organisations, hence you should check out her aptitude for steady concentration, scientific bent of mind, logical and sequential thinking, ability to work away from the corporate world on lesser salary, and exploratory nature.
Automobile engineering
Dear Sir,
I did my first PUC (PCMB) in 2001. I did not continue my studies and today I am a driver. Can I continue my education now? What can I do?

Dear Imran
It is very nice that you want to upgrade yourself.  If you like automobiles, then you can take up a Diploma in Automobile engineering, or even an ITI course (in day college or evening).  Eventually you can run your own repair workshop.  Similarly, there are many private courses in areas such as mobile phone repair, computer hardware, etc.
Alternatively you can apply to a bank or the Karnataka Minorities Finance Corporation for a loan to buy your own vehicle and run a taxi.  However, if you wish to pursue academics, you are eligible to take up a three-year degree in any field through Open University system, and you can do your studies whenever you have free time in your work.  

BE Architecture
Dear Sir,
I am 17-year-old studying in II PU with PCMC. I am resident of Karnataka, eligible to appear for 2010 CET. Please advice me as to how I can get an entry to BE Architecture course in Karnataka as per CET norms. Kindly advice me regarding the book that may have to be referred to appear for BE admission course.

Dear Abdul
All recognised colleges offer a 5 year Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) and not a B.E. in Architecture.  For admission you have to appear for the CET exam, and also the National Aptitude Test for Architecture (,, 
Allotment of college will depend on your merit ranking in NATA.  Ensure that you have a creative mind, are a good observer of structures and buildings, and can draw with a steady hand. The only other option is to do a three year polytechnic diploma in Architecture or in Interior Decoration.
Dear Sir,
I am third year BCA student. I am confused regarding my post graduation because of this recession and lack of job opportunites.
There are various suggestions given to me like MBA, MCA or MS. But, I am not interested in writing CAT or GMAT but getting prepared for PGCET.
I need your valuable suggestions regarding this matter. Which course should I take up so I get good opportunites in job. Please suggest me of good institutions for the courses within Karnataka. 

Dear Radhika
Job opportunities will keep fluctuating, and many recessions will come and go in the next 40 years of your working life. Since you have studied Computer Applications for three years, you should by now be able to narrow down which area of computers you are good in e.g. design, programming, software testing, technical content writing, hardware, networking etc.  Based on what you would like to make your career in, you should select the field of higher study. 
If you are not oriented towards people and management, and would rather go deeper into technical stream, then do prepare well for PGCET and take admission in the three year MCA (Masters in Computer Applications) course, which will definitely lead you to a good career.  And mostly likely, the recession will be over by the time you acquire your MCA.

Masters in Computers
Dear Sir,
I completed my B.Sc. (PMCs) with 65% aggregate in the year 2008 and had also got placed in two  of the reputed MNCs. But I have not yet got the date of joining. I have wasted a whole year (2008-2009) in just waiting for my DOJ. I had also appeared for MCA entrance in 2008 but didn't join the course because I was still waiting for my DOJ!
This year also I have applied for MCA, but am worried whether i'll get a good job after three years as I have wasted one long year? Will there be an age bar for me as I am 22 now. I didn't have any break in my studies, so I am confused now. Please help!

Dear Shubhashree
Do not worry too much about the year that has gone past.  Since the job scenario in MNCs is not very encouraging currently for B.Sc graduates due to the recession (which is definitely temporary).
An MCA will give you a good boost in your career. Your age is definitely not against you, because at 25 years with an MCA degree you will be able to get a good job. Try and get admission in a good college.

Dear Sir,
My daughter has completed her II PUC and has got 78 per cent. She has written CET and her score was not sufficient to get her into medicine. But she is very much interested in biology. Is naturopathy a good option for her? Is there any scope for it and what kind of job opportunities are there in this field?

Dear S
All the alternative medical streams are doing well steadily and their scope is widening.  Your daughter can consider homeopathy, ayurveda, unani or naturopathy medicine (which are all 5-1/2 year medical courses, with provision to study higher at M.D. level).  Swami Vivekananda, a recognised Deemed University, also offers Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (BNYS) and details are available at
They have a very good campus on Bannerghatta Road in South Bangalore.  Since your daughter has appeared for CET, she is eligible for admission to any of the alternative medical courses.  However, you must ensure that she genuine believes in the stream of medicine she has selected, and has a strong inclination to pursue its practice.

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