What's the accent on...

What's the accent on...

Use accent accessories to add depth to an existing space.

Accent pieces are those special decorative accessories or pieces of furniture that can be the focal point of any room. These are pieces that tie the spaces in your room together. You can decorate a whole room around a favourite accessory or use accent accessories to add depth to an existing space.

Accent pieces provide flair and sensitivity; they are the signature touch of every home owner.

A low-cost transformation of your home
Accent pieces, by their very nature, help define your design style. They can help complement a room or express the theme of your interior design. The positive side of accent pieces is that you can change or update the look of your room, just by adding one item and accessorising it by injecting colour or using soft furnishings. If you don’t want a costly transformation for your room, this is a particularly favourable option.

What would our homes be like without beautiful accent pieces?
Most such pieces can be both attractive and functional. Whether you have a large space or a small one, you should never over accessorise, as this will lead to a cluttered look and your favourite pieces will probably be lost in the clutter.

Use an odd number of pieces when grouping a table or mantle. Balance out a large piece like a vase or sculpture with three or five smaller pieces opposite your larger piece.
If you have developed a taste for say, the Orient, don’t ditch all your favourite heirlooms and buy everything Asian.

Many times if you pick your favourite existing pieces and add a few “theme” pieces, a steady and cohesive look will emerge in your space.

Try using natural material like pressed bamboo vases with your own antiques or special pieces that you’ve cherished for years. Another way to add a bit of the exotic is by keeping your existing accessories, and adding a few well placed accent furniture pieces.
This could be a beautiful hard carved coffee table or an interesting rug or a throw hung on a wall instead of being placed on the floor.  If you have very special pieces, don’t be hesitant to showcase it. Ensure that it’s in a well-lit area and is sized proportionately to its surrounding pieces.

Accent pieces add charm, definition to an area
A piece of accent furniture can add charm and definition to an area. One can choose from among different kinds of accent furniture such as a dining room buffet, the corner cabinet, the dining room wood, wine rack, sideboard, corner accents, side tables, peg tables, coffee tables, accent chairs, chaise etc.

An accent chair can add a new focal point in a room. Handcrafted mosaic tables an be a wonderful accent piece, no matter what your style.
Accent pieces can range from cushions to wall art, clocks, rugs, candles, chandeliers, lamps, figurines, mirrors and loose furnishings.

If the fabrics of your couch or recliner are in good condition, there is no need to cover them up, just add colourful accent pieces. For example, a simple and relatively inexpensive way to spruce up a room is to add colourful cushions, accent rugs and flowers.
If your budget does not allow you to splurge, you can add a few homemade accent pieces and add that bit of a personal touch.

To make a very impressive statement with exquisite style, consider decorating your walls with crystal encrusted framed mirrors, which will glimmer and shine with light and movement. They can make a room look extravagant.

Modern wall sconces are the most versatile accent pieces you can use in a contemporary décor. They are both functional and decorative, and can be used to increase general lighting, for task lighting, to accent features in a room. Accent side tables fill out the corners of a room and fill out the design. They may display an accent piece or even be the accent piece. Accessories are the finishing touch that make or break a room. They can be traditional, ethnic, classical or even contemporary, modern or funky.

Accessories make the perfect accent pieces for a classical or contemporary design.
It is also fun to have a distinctive, unique and unusual decorating taste where one or two accent pieces like this make people stop and stare.

You could make the lounge chair the focal point of the room. Anchor the chair by placing it close to a wall and accent it with lights and accessories.

Arrange the room so that the lounge chair, or even a pair of them, is the centre of attraction. Spectacular, arty lounge chairs can add individuality to a room.
Lighting is no longer merely about illumination
If you are looking for a way to make your room stand out, this is one way to do it.

Lighting is no longer a matter of illuminating the space. These light fixtures can by itself stand out as one of the main focal accent pieces.  Floor lamps can be used in a couple of ways for accent lighting.  Another way to use floor lamps as accent lighting is to place them near walls, so that up lighting and down lighting accentuate the colour and texture of the walls. This is especially effective of the lamps are artistic, so that both the lamp and wall become a focal point.

You can accentuate your own personality by styling your home with the accent pieces that says “that’s my style”.

Those that define you
Natural stone sculptures can add a distinctive touch and stand out as a unique accent piece. These natural stones like amethyst, crystals, onyx etc. have a natural energy that can bring tranquillity to your space.
Accent pieces are like placing pieces of your personality around the room, so be sure to incorporate accessories you love.  When accessorising your room, choose unique pieces that make a bold statement. Throw pillows made of animal hides make great accent pieces.

Harmony is vital
Finally, whatever statement you decide to make, ensure that the displays are in harmony with each other and you could get a new, fresh look for your room by adding that little extra spark in the form of “accent pieces”.
These little pieces or big ones (if you prefer) can make all the difference in the world when it comes to decorating.

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