Gandhinagar Grapewine

Gandhinagar Grapewine

Shilpa - Ganesh's wife

The delayed monsoon effect is being felt everywhere and director Preetham Gubbi was asked whether his Maleyali Joteyali would be Mungaaru Male II. "No, we have come a long way from all those love stories. Maleyali is a fresh love story. Very different. But yes, 80 per cent of the shoot will be in rain," Preetham smiled and continued, "Anjana Sukhani and Uvika Chowdhary are the heroines and Sharan and Rangayana Raghu are there as well. We will be shooting in Madikeri, Sakleshpur and Belthangady..."

Producer Shilpa chose the occasion to give another title to Ganesh: " Women, young and old, love Ganesh. So, it is proper to call him Lady Hero! With this film, he will cement his place in their hearts!" she exclaimed.

Music is by Harikrishna, who is getting the Golden Star himself to croon a ditty for him! Then there is cinematographer Krishna, of the original Mungaaru Male team who promises to shoot the songs, again, differently." The aim is to bring naturalness as much as possible," said he.

Ganesh is hoping for an October release. Meanwhile, the blind man's game with the real monsoon continues.

Another remake
An orphan born inside a jail is brought up by a Jailor and his family. The boy grows up, commits a murder and gets back inside the bars. Pragna
For those of you, who haven't seen Chinnodu in Telugu, producer Tulsi Ram is re-making the film as Hara.

Vasant, the producer's friend, is debuting opposite Pragna. A master's degree holder, Vasant is undergoing training in acting, dance and fighting. Tulsi Ram has
selected Devaraj Palan, who has directed Ullasa Utsaha to wield the megaphone in this project. Devaraj is another friend of the producer and it seems Tulsi Ram, who has produced films like Daali, Suryakirana etc is determined to play safe with known faces.

Music composer Renu Kumar is confident of giving better tunes than those in the original and is getting Sonu Nigam, Rajesh Krishnan and Chaitra to sing for him.
Hara is Pragna's seventh film and she is happy that her role has more scope than in the original.
The Remake Yatra continues...

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