Speed hating: The latest fad!

Speed hating: The latest fad!

Experts say that in this perfect antidote to all those cringe-making evenings trying to sparkle and impress a string of potential dates, speed hating gives one the chance to let vent -- and not give a damn about it.

"People can sit there and say all the things they hate. They can be given prompt cards or just insult each other," the concept's promoter Carl Hill was quoted by the 'Sunday Express' as saying.

He had the idea after taking up a free invitation to a dating event that turned out to be a disaster. "Everyone was so uptight, by the end of it I was suicidal. I thought there had to be another way," he said.

That came through Carl’s club night Feeling Gloomy, which runs in London, New York and Berlin.

For an anti-Valentine's night, Carl put on a Down With Dating event. "People could Speed Hate and just let go of all the negative feelings they had. They really seemed to go for it," he said.

The strange thing is that after breaking the ice with a good rant you’d be surprised how many people fall in love. "I don't know of any weddings yet but I live in hope," he added.