Man goes naked at Obama rally for USD 1 million

Man goes naked at Obama rally for USD 1 million

Juan Rodriguez, the man who went naked, at the Philadelphia rally of the President, was arrested after he came in his baby suit, the New York Daily News reported. His stunt came in response to a challenge under which a British billionaire offered USD 1 million for a person who appears naked in front of Obama, and was aimed at garnering publicity for his website

"That is absolutely right," Alki David, the British billionair told the Daily News, admitting that he had offered the money to the first person to go without his clothes before the president. "This is the first time anybody has attempted it. I still don't know if he was successful. If he has done it, I'll pay him in cash".

The challenge, meant to garner publicity for the website, required the participants to the contest to shout "" six times, have the name of the website written across his or her chest, and be within earshot distance and sight of Obama.

"I'm very clear about the rules... I'm still waiting to get conclusive proof he (Rodriguez) did it," David said.

The billionaire said that, which is the First 24x7 live interactive reality TV channel, has held other wild contests before including a urine-drinking competition.
David also stressed that he was fond of Obama and the challenge was not meant to protest against any of his policies.

"I like Obama... This is just a prank," David told the Daily News.

Rodriguez was assisted by two men from The Howard Stern Show -— an American radio show -- who filmed his stunt.