Medvedev wraps up Africa trip with focus on energy

Medvedev's visit to Angola was the final stop of an ambitious four-day trip across the length of the continent, crowned by deals worth over USD three billion.

"Coordination of our actions on the world energy markets is important," Medvedev said during talks with Dos Santos.

"I am confident that if we will act together we will achieve great success."

Angola, which currently heads the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), rivals Nigeria as Africa's top oil producer, making its economy one of the world's fastest-growing since its civil war ended in 2002.

Speaking after talks with Dos Santos, Medvedev said the current price formation on the world oil market was "complex and nontransparent" and the two leaders adopted a joint communique pledging to "deepen dialogue" on energy.

Praising his country's historic ties with Angola, Medvedev said the talks had focused on boosting trade and economic ties and noted existing vast opportunities to explore and develop hydrocarbons in the country.

"There are a number of projects to develop and explore for new hydrocarbons fields," Medvedev said.

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