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Traditional Touch
Last Updated 12 October 2010, 10:27 IST

The festivities, held at the Jain Global Campus, was colourful with the students and faculty dressed in traditional attire from different parts of the country.

Apart from cultural performances, the celebrations saw senior students organising programmes for  first year students as part of the Fresher’s Day.  The cultural programme started with a Western solo number by Steffi Mampilly, a fourth year student. This was followed by live band music by Amit Mohan and team.

Next performance was a mime on the side-effects of mobile technology in today’s world. This was performed by team Advaya. Siddarth Sharma and his team gave a commendable performance of fusion music.  

Ethnic Day was celebrated with the aim of providing the students an opportunity to display their culture and throw light on the importance of it.  The students and the faculty members took part in the celebrations by sporting ethnic costumes and two of them were awarded prizes for ‘the best ethnic costumes of the day’.

Anand Gudi, head of the department, Electronics and Communication came dressed in an authentic North Karnataka style costume with an overcoat, a black topi, an umbrella and a cloth bag.

He sang some humourous songs, exclusively composed for the occasion in folk style. The senior students conducted a unique programme to introduce the faculty members to the fresh batch students. Mohit Sadwani and Tanush came with a set of funny questions which were answered by the lecturers.   

“It was really exciting to see the students and faculty dressed in traditional styles. As I come from Bahrain, the Ethnic Day reminded me of the cultural diversity of my country,” said Anirud, a  fresher.

Back to Back, a fun game, made the freshers roll in laughter because of its unique concept.  A sheet of paper with words scribbled on it were affixed on ten students, handpicked from the fresh batch.

The task for each one of them was to read the maximum number of words from the paper pasted on the other person’s back without showing his or her back to anyone. It was funny to watch this as the students used all possible tricks to fool others.  Finally, Uma and Ananya who could read 15 words received the first prize.

(Published 12 October 2010, 10:27 IST)

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