BJP's last 'resort' efforts

BJP's last 'resort' efforts

The BJP leadership’s apprehension on ensuring that its flock stays together is understandable. For even one missing legislator can  make a mighty difference - even leading to the fall of its first government in South India. The magic number required to win Thursday’s trust vote for the BJP is 105 and the saffron fold has just that number in a House with an effective strength of 208.

Independent MLA Varthur Prakash, who had identified himself with the JD(S), returned to the BJP camp on Wednesday increasing its strength to 106. But the BJP is not taking any chances.

BJP Legislature Party meeting was held at the resort premises itself on Wednesday and whip was issued to all its MLAs to vote in favour of the motion of confidence that would be moved by Chief Minister Yeddyurappa.

Security was also beefed up at the resort premises with entry restricted to outsiders. The gates were closed to ensure that no legislator strayed out. Even brief outing were ruled out and the legislators were told to spend time only inside the resort premises.

The ruling BJP government was reduced to a minority after 16 MLAs, including 11 party rebels and five independents withdrew support. Party sources said the efforts are being made to woo back its legislator Manappa Vajjal who had strayed to the JD(S) back to the party fold.

Late on Wednesday, there was also speculation that the BJP had successfully managed to entice and convince four opposition legislators to either abstain themselves or cross vote during the motion of confidence.