Looking your best this season

Looking your best this season

Looking your best this season

chic Backless cholis are back in vogue.

From vibrant colours to the ever-flowing ghagra and stylised cholis, the choices are plenty but what makes one stand out in the crowd? Designers tell Metrolife on what one can wear to look different this festive season.

Nimritha Lalwani says that this is one season when traditional Indian clothes stand out. But since everyone out there ends up buying ghagras or lehengas, Nimritha shares a few tricks on how to make a statement. “The trick is to not go insane on the colours but pick clothes that are of a single tone from top to bottom with either little or no embroidery.
Also, the choli is very important as it can make or break the look,” she says. “It’s all about going backless this season and avoiding the halter necks and sleeveless. Make sure the blouse is backless but with sleeves and drape it up with a huge duppatta. That is a definite way to make a statement in the crowd,” she says.

Agrees Deepika Govind, who feels it’s all about being minimal and contemporary. “Instead of embroidery, one can go in for some embellishments that will add to the bling factor of the garment. If dancing is on the agenda, make sure the length of the lehenga is perfect and don’t weigh it down with too much work. Let it flow but make sure it’s easy to handle when you move around,” she adds.

For the men, Ramesh Dembla says going the Indo-Western way is the key. “Teaming up a well-fitted jacket or a ‘kurta’ with fitted jeans can make one look good for any occasion,” he adds. While Deepika says that those who like contemporary fashion can go in for dhoti pants and short kurtis but in strong Indian colours.

Calling the season as a mix of fire and fresh flowery colours, Abdul Halder says that a cardinal sin this season would be to step out without accessories. A fact that all designers agree with. If Deepika suggests the Polki-Cut jewels, Nimritha says to go all out on the bling and Ramesh suggests to keep it traditional and go for Rajasthani bangles.

“Accessories have always been a part of traditional attire and the festivity makes it all the more reason for one to sport them,” says Abdul, who adds that traditional jutis are very much in vogue.