No need to quit my post: Hooper

No need to quit my post: Hooper

Hooper received criticism even from New Zealand Olympic Committee president Mike Stanley for his perceived inaction in the lead-up to the Games but was adamant that he has done his job.

"That is a silly question. It is my job and I've done it well, despite what others might think. It was my role to point out and highlight things (that needed improvement) and I did it consistently," Hooper said.

Hooper, who spent three years at the Indian capital, said he was upset by people burning his effigies.

"The burning of the effigy upset me but let's put that into context. It was based on a totally false premise. I am alleged to have made certain remarks about the population of India which I didn't. It was scurrilous reporting," he was quoted as saying by 'New Zealand Herald'.

Despite the controversial lead-up, Hooper said the athletes were not affected.
"I'm pleased with how it panned out ... we got the village, catering and transport right for them (athletes). You'd have to say the venues got there in the end too. It was reassuring to see so many happy smiling faces at the closing ceremony," he said.

Hooper said Delhi has a much-improved infrastructure legacy as a result of the Games.
Questions have been raised about the future of the Games but Hooper said that with 71 members, the CGF justifies its existence.

"People mistakenly compare it to the Olympics, which is unrealistic and inappropriate. They are specifically designed for Commonwealth countries and are not trying to compete (with Olympics)."