Platform for varied skills

Platform for varied skills

Talent Show

Platform for varied skills

United: Students at a musical performance.The three-day festival consisted of various interesting activities and a fantastic display of creativity and talent.

Twenty-five colleges from across the City took part in the fest. The colleges included Indian Academy, CMR, Baldwin, Kristu Jayanthi, St Aloysius and Sacred Heart College. Ebullience served as an ideal platform for the students who came forward to showcase their talents in cultural, management and literary events. Participants from different colleges outnumbered the audience in all the stage events like Group Dance, Fashion Show, Best Manager, Ice Breaker, Mad Ads, Science Quiz and others.

The Mad Ads kept the audience rolling in laughter with their crazy and fictional ideas to sell non-existing products. These skits were not only humourous but satirical as well. The Mad Ads teams from Kristu Jayanthi College, Indian Academy and CMR College won the hearts of the audience through their fantastic scripts and acting skills.

The Group Dance kept the audience on their toes with some outstanding performances. A team from Baldwin’s College gave a commendable performance to some foot-tapping numbers and won the first prize effortlessly. It was a tough call for the judges to choose between Indian Academy and Sacred Heart College for the second place as both the teams were at their best.

Stage events apart, students utilised the platform to exhibit their prowess in management and literary events like Mock Stock, Coding, Lecture Contest and Handmade Journals. Prominent among all the events was the Best Manager contest.

It comprised multiple rounds which were designed to test the marketing, managerial and analysing abilities of the contestants. On the first day, only the preliminary round was held and to keep the interest alive throughout the festival, the contests continued till day three.
“The festival was a great success because of the help and motivation from the institute and the students coordinated very well, beginning from inviting colleges to the fest till the valedictory function without allowing any discrepancies to happen in the schedule. We are confident of making this annual fest much more colourful in the years to come”, says Joseline Preethi, one of the students.