College first, country second

College first, country second


College first, country second

Dear Sir,

I have been working in an aviation company as a software engineer for two years. I have scored 68 per cent in engineering (E&C) and I plan to pursue an MS in either Computer Science or Aeronautical Engineering abroad. I also wish to work for a few years abroad after finishing my course. But my concerns are as below:

Which country offers the best MS programme in Aeronautical and Computer Science? Will I be able to get into a good university (among the top 10-15) abroad if I manage a good GRE score? Which of the two programmes offers better job opportunities? Will work experience help me land a job?


Dear Chirag,

You have an advantage as you have two years of work experience in aeronautics. With this experience, you are in a better position to decide whether you want to work in software or continue with aeronautics. Countries such as USA, UK, Germany, France and Australia have universities offering courses in both subjects. I suggest you narrow down your options for subject first, and then the country. Most preferred destination is USA as it has a more flexible education model and the numbers of universities are more. If you are aiming to get into one of the top 15 universities, your GRE score should be 1,500 and above. The US and UK give you an option of staying back for a year to gain work experience in the field of study, provided you manage to land a job.

You certainly have an advantage in the aeronautical industry as you have two years of work experience. Believe in your abilities and perform well.

Dear Sir,

I am due to complete an engineering degree in IT in June 2011. I wish to pursue a postgraduate degree in Singapore in Management Information Science or Software Engineering. The two colleges offering these subjects are National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technology Uni. Are these courses and colleges recognised in India?


Dear Akanksha,

Both National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) are well-established universities of Singapore. Their academic record is impeccable and is accepted all over the world, including India. There are other universities in Singapore such as Cornell University, German Institute of Technology & Science, Georgia Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Stanford University that offer your choice of courses. Go online to find out more about these universities.

Job opportunities in India are bright and the job scenario is slowly stabilising. As long as your academic performance at this level and at the master’s level is high, you need not worry about job prospects.

Dear Sir,

I am currently doing a course in Aeronautical Maintenance Engineering and I wish to pursue further studies in the UK or US. I have scored an aggregate of 42.3 per cent in Class 12 and an average of 76 per cent in AME (all semesters). How should I search for universities and scholarship programmes?


Dear Thejaswi,

Your degree in this field, though technical, is training-oriented and prepares you to take up a job. Unfortunately, it is not enough as an academic qualification to study abroad. You are only eligible to apply for an undergraduate course in a foreign country as your qualification is only 10+2. Though you have done well in your technical course, your Class12 score is quite low to seek admission. Even if you manage to get admission in universities in the US, UK, Australia and Singapore, you must be able to raise educational expenses, including tuition fees and living expenditure. Availability of scholarship or any other kind of financial assistance is not high as it is usually reserved for those who have a degree.