Gavaskar hits out at media for trying to implicate him

Gavaskar hits out at media for trying to implicate him

"How can I help Kochi when I don’t even know the investors," Gavaskar told the CNN-IBN in a written reply to the questions asked by the channel.

"The media both print and electronic have already made up their minds and the angle which they are going to take. My reactions to any queries only serves to give their programme or article credibility. It does not in any way change their line of attack. In the eyes of the Indian media you are guilty till you are proved innocent," Gavaskar stated in his reply.

The legendary opener also clarified that as far as his knowledge goes, he will be doing commentary during the upcoming India vs New Zealand series.

Although he accepted that Rendezvous approached him to guide their team, he didn't give his nod as there were some internal issues within the franchise that were yet to be resolved.

Gavaskar also dismissed rumours that there has been talk about remuneration.
"Apart from asking if I am available, there has been no talk about any remuneration. As said earlier, since they have internal issues to resolve there is no point talking about the next step."

Gavaskar also rubbished rumours of having helped the Kochi consortium despite being a member of the Governing Council.

"How could I help the consortium since I did not even know who were the other investors apart from Gaikwads? In what way is it a conflict of interest when to win a franchise it was a sealed bid and the highest two were going to get the franchise of their choice?" he questioned.

The former India captain also said that he "declined to be on the governing council simply because I think that former players on it need to be remunerated for the expertise experience inputs and time they give to it and the credibility they bring to the GC. The IPL is a commercial enterprise after all."

On the contrary, he blamed it as a popular perception by people that he was dropped from the IPL Governing Council.

"The day after the AGM of the BCCI, I was called in Chandigarh by the BCCI Hony secretary on behalf of the BCCI president and asked if I was willing to be on the Governing Council in a honorary capacity and I declined to do so. "However by that time everybody and his aunt had already decided that I was sacked, dumped dropped , expelled whatever."

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