Part work, part studies


Part work, part studies

Ambitious: Part-time jobs help students juggle work and studies with ease.

Part-time jobs are suitable for those who cannot devote an entire day towards a job. This is a plus point, especially for students, interested in working and studying at the same time without any difficulty. Amanda Chen, a student from Christ University, says, “Doing a part-time job is a good thing for students because they get experience and earn some pocket money. They also learn how to be responsible. In many places abroad, all youngsters do a part-time job. But in India, it is still looked down upon to some extent.”

Students, especially those staying away from home, often face financial difficulties. This makes them opt for part-time jobs. There is nothing better the feeling of earning and taking care of your expenses. Abbas, a popular MC and a student of Christ University, says, “It is good to get paid for something that I love doing. It helps in an overall personality development. I utilise my time after college for this job as it takes care of my expenses. I earn well enough and have even bought my own car.”

However, some parents do not give a green signal for this because they feel they are earning for their children. Says Papri Roy, a parent, “If money is a constraint in the family, then it is good to do a part-time job. But I feel the job should be in and around the college or something like taking tuition classes in their locality. They must see to it that their studies are not hampered. I think it is an acceptable phenomenon but not required if the family is well-to-do.”

With ‘independence’ being the buzzword, students today often opt for part-time jobs. They prefer working in a field they like and in which, they want to build a career later. The work environment helps them build a network for future job prospects as well. “I meet new people everyday and build new contacts. This will definitely help me get prepared for the industry I want to work for in future,” says Abbas.

Part-time jobs, if taken in a positive spirit, help in the global growth of a student. While a student learns theory in classrooms, he or she can have the practical knowledge in a work environment. Deepika Shetty, a student of COMMITS, says, “It is a good opportunity to learn. We had a subject on public relations during our undergraduation. Fortunately, I had worked in a PR firm before so it helped me understand the subject better. Part-time jobs give a greater exposure in the fields of our interest.”

With various options available, from ‘home-based work’ through Internet to ‘promotional jobs’ in malls and other places, it has become easier for students to do a part-time job.

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