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Pet the cats!

Cute: Rayyan (left) with her pet cat Lufiey. Dogs are the man’s best friend. So what about the cats? While dogs get a lot of attention from people who want to adopt a pet, cats are often left behind for unknown reasons. It’s true that they are not as enthusiastic as dogs seem to be and prefer to lay quietly in a corner but they have their own charm. Metrolife speaks to some of the animal lovers in the City to find out about the pros and cons of having the creature as a pet.

Garfield, without doubt, is the most famous cat known in the world. But while laziness and overeating are not really desirable qualities, people who have cats beg to differ. “People feel that cats are dumb and lazy but one needs to have one to really know them. They give you unconditional love and are always there whenever you want,” says Rayyan Alismailly, a student who has a pet cat Lufiey. She also says that cats are congenial and easy to maintain. Pooja Thyagraj, a student who has had her pet Neko for more than a year, agrees. “I feel they are low on maintenance, especially for people, who live in apartments,” she says. “You don’t have to worry about their bath or take them out on a walk. They can even catch their own food,” says Arati Rao, a graphic designer who has a ginger cat called Basker Wolf.

A comparison with dogs is something that these furry creatures often have to face. Yasmine Claire, who provides shelter to many abandoned cats in her home, says that having one is as rewarding as owning a dog. “People say that cats are selfish and disloyal but that is not true. They are very independent but very loving creatures,” she says. “Dogs are smart but cats are better with tools,” says Pooja of her pet cat Neko. “They are very affectionate and attached to their owner. In a way, they are like humans because they don’t like to be controlled,” says Arati.

And there are things that you need to be careful about when you adopt them. “Cats love to scratch so if you don’t provide a scratching pole they will scratch your furniture,” says Pooja.

“They have their own whims and cannot be controlled,” informs Yasmine. “Girl cats are quite outgoing and can fall prey to neighbourhood dogs sometimes,” says Arati.

*Protect your cats from falling from the balcony. Cats may die if the they fall from a high rise.

* Provide water bowls all the time and change the water everyday.

*For working people, commercial cat food is convenient and ensures all round nutrition.

*Crumpled paper balls make great toys.

*Sterilise, vaccinate and de-worm your cats.

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