Confusion over upcoming CBSE class X exam

To reduce the stress levels of the students, exam was made optional

In a bid to reduce the stress levels of the students, the board had mooted for optional examination as well as grading system for students of class X students last year. As a first step, grading system was introduced last year.

 Under the new system, the board has given two choices for students this year. They can either appear for a test conducted by the school or they can appear for the test conducted by the Board. While many students are still wondering over what to make of the new reform, schools have already started conducting consultative meetings with parents.

The managements claim that majority of students are planning to appear for the test conduct by the board.

"The board had kept the options open for students. Many parents have informed us that their children want to take the test conducted by the board. They think that the test would be more standardised," said Shantha Chandran, principal of National Public School, Indira Nagar. 

Few schools also allege that parents are forcing students to take the test conducted by the board. "Many parents think that children won't take a school-based test seriously. A national test would also help student to understand where he/she stands among their peers from other parts of the country," said an academic coordinator of a prominent city school.

Kamal Chowdhury, a class X student of National Public School said that he will opt for the test conducted by board. "I don't want to take a risk regarding the validity of my Class X certificate. Majority of students of my class have opted for the board's test," he said.

Under continuous and comprehensive system, there are two formative assessments and one summative assessment. The students are assessed throughout the year.  Compared to previous years, the students have to study only one fourth of the portion. However, many students claim that the workload has considerably increased as schools conduct test everyday.

Shashank R, a student of class X, National Public School said that he preferred the old system of assessment. "There are too many assignments and class tests now. The old system was better," he said.

In a bid to help parents take an 'informed decision' several schools have also started conducting PTA meetings. "We have conducted meetings to help parents take a cautious choice. Many parents approached us seeking more clarity about the board examination," said M Srinivasan, president, Managements of Independent CBSE Schools Association. He also added that CBSE officials had assured that validity of both tests would be the same.

Meanwhile, Nagaraju N, the CBSE South Zone director claims that these are teething problems of a new system. "The old system of assessment was archaic it tested only the scholastic skills. The new system of assessment is more holistic," said the director. The director also noted that the board  would set question paper for even the school-based test.

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