The grace goes missing

The grace goes missing


The grace  goes missing

This means that the students who get 33 or 34 marks will be considered as failed. They will have to repeat another year. They also have the option of writing the supplementary exam or applying for revaluation to gain just a mark or two. Metrolife spoke to a few students across the City to gauge their reactions.

N C Bopanna

There was a time when we had the annual system of education but now we follow the semester system. That way, it is easier to concentrate and score good marks because the syllabus is less and we don't have to read the portions for the entire year. But this decision came as a terrible blow considering the fact that it wasn’t even consulted with the student body. Scrapping this whole system makes no sense when students fail in a subject by just a mark. It’s usually the students who suffer when such important decisions are made by a select few. On the other hand, I welcome the decision to give grades instead of marks for the internal assessment. 


I think it’s a good move. If the pass mark happens to be 35, then the
students should aim for more marks than just the pass mark. The problem arises when they don't bother to study much and expect to pass with flying colours.

I think that it's very important for a student to have at least minimal knowledge of the various portions he or she is studying. I hope the officials take an opinion poll from the students before the exams. Based on the outcome of the poll, the decision can be made.


I definitely welcome this move. It's not the end of the world if a person fails by a mark or two but instead the person should become more serious and motivate himself to
pass with better marks. It ultimately depends on how a person prepares for the exams. But I don't think that such major decisions should be made within the four walls
without consulting the students. They cannot decide what is good for us without asking us.

Maria Rekha

When we first joined the course, we were assured that we would get grace marks if we happen to fail an exam by a mark or two. But now, it comes as a surprise to us at the last minute. I am confused about the decision. I’ve seen many students studying at the last minute.

But on the other hand, it will motivate them to pass genuinely without the help of the invigilator giving them any grace marks.


The decision made by the officials to eliminate this whole process is a good one irrespective of the fact that the students have been consulted in this regard. Otherwise, students will slacken and not study properly and take things for granted. The minimum marks of 35 is a proper baseline for people to judge a student’s knowledge. Any student who scores less than this does not deserve to continue the course or look for the jobs which the course offers.

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