'Pejawar seer should accept a dalit as his disciple'

Speaking after inaugurating ‘Dalita-Shudra Swabhimana’ convention on ‘Madhwa parampare Vs Krishna Kanaka parampare’ here at Narayanguru Sabha Bhavan on Tuesday, he said that the seer does not want Dalits to be brought in to the folds of Hinduism.

“He pretends to give religious identity to Dalits but if he is true from heart then he should accept a Dalit as his disciple and also allow Dalits to be present near the sanctum sanctorum of the temple,” Dwarakanath said

Will the Pejawar seer accept our invitation for ‘sahabhojana?’ he questioned
He said “Krishna mutt belongs to all. The recent decision of the government of handing over Krishna temple to Ashta mutts was taken only due to the pressure from Pejawar seer on Higher Education Minister Dr V S Acharya,” he added.

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