Tuesdays are most jinxed for drivers

As many as 4,876 road accidents have occurred on the day in the past four years

Tuesdays are most jinxed for drivers

In the past four years, as many as 4,876 road accidents have occurred during those three hours. According to police, the trend is bound to continue as it is the time when majority of the City residents rush to their workplace or educational institutions.

A break-up of the statisics shows that 1,445 accidents occurred in 2007, 1,321 in 2008 and 1,162 in 2009. With six weeks for the year to end, 948 accidents have occurred so far.

While accidents show a downward trend, the figures for the three-hour disaster window is still the highest in the 24 hours of the day.  

Short warm up time

Speaking with Deccan Herald, psychology professor and former Bangalore University Vice-Chancellor M S Thimmappa said: “The body and mind take three-four hours to warm up in the morning but given the life profile of most people in the City, they barely have time for any activity. So they are up and off straightaway, which is not the best state of mind to be in while driving.”

Adding that such a state of mind makes them more vulnerable in the morning as most people are in a hurry and more or less in the same state, he said that this affects middle-aged people more than those in their prime. And true, too. The maximum number of the dead in the aforementioned years have been from the age group of 30-50 years — a total of 1,188 men and women.

Pressure at workplace

Further, psychologists point at another lead. They say most of the accidents are bound to occur in the first two days of the week as the pressure at the workplace is at the highest during those days.

Find it difficult to believe? Then go through the statistics of the days that have been the most inauspicious for motorists in the City and you will be surprised to find their prediction, rather an assessment, accurate.

According to information available with the Traffic Police,  4,876 accidents have occurred on Tuesday in the last four years — a cold statistic that might strengthen convictions among those who believe that the day is not auspicious.

Psychologists, however, have a more prosaic explanation for black Tuesdays. They  say people begin their work on Mondays and plan their week, with the maximum work being scheduled for Tuesday.

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