Scrubbed & ready to party


Scrubbed & ready to party

ON A CLEAN SLATE  A body massage helps cleanse the skin and draw out toxins.There are several handy ingredients at home that can help you detox. “Detox treatments at the spa are always supplemented with healing drinks and simple food. Green tea is fast becoming a popular antioxidant, so are berries and almonds. Organic fruits and vegetables, although expensive, are great options to ensure that your skin and body feel light and fresh,” says Neeru Radhakrishnan, lead stylist, Play Salon and Spa.

Consuming a handful of almonds every day can actually contribute to lowering LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol and increasing HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol.

Wheatgrass, an organic powerhouse of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll, cleanses the digestive system and removes toxins. It is easily digested and absorbed and enhances immunity.

Did you know that 1 oz of wheatgrass juice contains the nutritional equivalent of 2.5 lbs of leafy, green vegetables?

Shelly Khera, dietician, nutritionist, slimming and yoga expert, says: “In order to ensure that the transformation is constant and long term, I emphasise the importance of exercise in the form of yogasanas. This helps in reaching the desired results faster, ensures immense control over the senses and the ability to say ‘no’ to temptation.”

Vertika Saxena, PR professional, shares her detox experience. “After a hectic round of partying and indulging in food and drink, it’s time to cleanse the system of all those high-calorie foods consumed over the last two months of Dusshera and Diwali. I have been following the detox diet, twice a week, on the advice of a dietitian and the results are good. I feel energetic and I have been able to lose few kilos. My diet consists of fresh fruits, sprouts and green tea,” she says.

Shahnaz Husain, Founder, Chairperson and Managing Director, Shahnaz Husain Group of Companies, says: “Treatments like the diamond facial and the diamond body polish are part of an excellent detox package. These treatments are not only known for their beneficial effects on the skin, but also help to draw out toxins. A detox package is devised to induce relaxation, free the body from stress and calm the mind through scrubs, compresses and massages.”

Neeru Radhakrishnan says Play Salon offers two detox packages: Marine Prelude, which includes a body scrub and a body wrap followed by a massage that is specifically designed to combat water retention, and Marine Algae Body Wrap, which is a skin revitalising treatment, where the wrap primarily consists of algae from the seas from of France, known to carry special healing properties.

Panchakarma is also a popular detox programme.

“At The Windflower, Mysore and Coorg, we offer panchakarma, which is ayurveda’s most potent detoxification programme. The detox is customised to suit individual requirements as each person has a different lifestyle. Specific needs have to be assessed in order to optimise the outcome of the programme. After a detailed consultation with the physician, we arrive at the detox schedule, which can last anywhere between 7 days and 30 days, based on how much time the guest has, their health condition and other factors,” says Vinita Rashinkar, Spa Director, The Windflower.

Keshava Bhat, Physician-in-charge, AyurVAID Hospital, says: “Depending on the nature of toxins in the individual as assessed by ayurveda doctors, a customised detox therapeutic programme is usually devised. Effective detox is the outcome of panchakarma ‘shodhana’ (or purification) therapies, which are performed in accordance to classical ayurveda.”
An integrated detox programme consists of a customised diet, herbal medicines and therapies.

Aqua Radiance, a treatment exclusive to Kaya Skin Clinic, promises to revitalise skin with the best elements known to man: fresh air and water.

Our Native Village offers a “gentle introspection package”, where guests learn to become more aware of themselves and experience self-healing using meditative techniques.
The programme involves ‘abhyangam’ — a full-body ayurvedic massage, a sound healing massage for clearing energy blocks and bringing harmony into the being, morning group yoga sessions, and meditation sessions along with other techniques to restore balance and health into life.


“Any system will have inputs, processes and outputs. There is always waste that needs to be eliminated from the system for its optimal functioning, else it turns into toxins. Detox diets do precisely this. If toxins are not eliminated periodically, they circulate in the blood stream and accumulate in vital internal organs such as the kidneys and the liver or as fat deposits in different parts of the body,” explains N Balaji, COO, Shreyas Yoga Retreat.

Our stressful lifestyle, the chemical-infested food chain, growing pollution levels as well as our increased consumption of food that is processed and preserved have made detox a need rather than a choice.

Detox, when well administered, is known to improve digestion, regularise sleep patterns, normalise metabolism and increase physical flexibility.

“Detox therapy revitalises, rejuvenates and replenishes the system. Skin, hair and complexion improve, body weight comes under control, all body functions are more active and responsive,” says Dr Danny Devasy, Sr Manager (Marketing), Cholayil Sanjeevanam.


One of the new treatments in detox is the plant stem cells facial. When plant stem cells are introduced into the skin through external cosmetic care, they supposedly activate the process of repair and replacement of dead and damaged skin cells. 

“The latest in detox is hot volcanic stone applied on the sensitive parts of the feet for better detoxification,” says Deepak Jindal, Owner, Sabai Spa.

However, according to the experts, detox is going retro with ayurveda emerging the clear winner.

Wallet factor

*Diamond Facial: Rs 2,500 plus tax
*Plant Stem Cells Facial: Rs 3,000 plus tax
*Gentle Introspection: 2-night package Rs 14,100 (single)/ Rs 20,400 (double)
*Aqua Radiance: Rs 2,000 for a single session and Rs 4,900 for 3 sessions
*Play Salon packages: Rs 4,500 plus tax

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