More than just coffee

Chatting Up

It is not just about a few cups of coffee and some chit-chat. For many students, a coffeeChai- Hangout shop also proves to be a place where they can finish their assignments and discuss presentations and group activities.

“Instead of going home or staying back in college for completing our work, my friends and I like to go to a coffee shop nearby. We can relax over a cup of coffee and also finish our work,” says Fomina, a student of Christ University.

“We find a lot of crowd coming here straight from college, finishing their assignments, discussing their classwork, etc,” says the manager of Coffee N U, a coffee shop. Well, looks like having fun while studying seems to be the formula for great presentations and brilliant assignments. And it is good as long as it doesn’t affect the performance of the students academically.

Many students consider these hangouts as their ‘second home’. To cater to the needs of these students, a number of hangouts and coffee shops have sprung up as well, with one being present in every nook and corner. As soon as the day ends, these places always get crowded.

The students of Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College — Centre for Management Studies (CMS) usually spend their hours after college in Mantri Mall, Star City or Sigma Mall. Vineet Shah, a student says, “We usually head to Mantri Mall and Star City for movies and bowling. After long hours in college, we like to have some fun before going home.”

Near St Joseph’s College, offering post graduation courses, there are not many places to hang out except for Taste of Tibet and Cafe Coffee Day. “Students hang out in these places during college hours to take a break from the long hours of lectures and also to catch up with some gossip. After college hours, they go to these places to meet friends,” says Letitia Nathaniel, a student.

Says Shiv Prasad Menon, a student of PESIT, “We go to cafes to catch up with friends but more than that, we love going to the small ‘chai’ shops nearby. We stand there and crack jokes or just sit somewhere and talk our hearts out.”

Apart from these, Bangalore’s young crowd is also seen in huge numbers on Brigade Road and MG Road. Be it dates, meetings, shopping or movies, students do spend a sizeable amount of time in places outside college.

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