Drop the bag of burdens, learn to live

And what is the burden? It is none other than their own life.

Living itself feels like a burden. The more educated or cultured people are, the more serious they become. Why? Because they live in their heads, they are bogged down by their owns ideas and ideologies. In spite of all the advancement of technology and the resulting wealth the urban people do not look light-hearted and happy. They are always brooding about something.

This is a total waste of life. We are here to rejoice, to participate in the celebration. A simple change of attitude can revive the childhood innonce, the eyes that were wonderstruck by every small detail.

Hotei, a Zen master always carried a very big bag full of many toys, chocolates and sweets for children. He was passing through a village, somebody asked him, “Hotei, we have heard that you are a Zen master, so why do you go on wasting your time just giving toys to children? And if you are really a Zen master then show us what Zen is.”
Zen is the real spirit of religion. Hotei dropped his bag, immediately.

People couldn’t follow, so they said, “What do you mean?” He said, “This is all. If you drop the burden, this is all.” They asked, “Okay, then what is the next step?”

So he put his bag again on his shoulders and started walking. “This is the next step. But now I am not carrying a heavy bag, I know now that it is not a burden. Now it has become just toys for children and they will enjoy it.”

Osho has told this story to make his vision clear. The vision is: do not carry your worries, or your life as a burden; be playful, for life in essence is great fun. What destroys playfulness is seriousness. People are carrying so much baggage with them-- emotional, mental. The past has become heavy because we don’t know how to clean it everyday.

Catharsis is a very important part of Osho active meditations. There is a particular time and space given to express your sadness, hatred, suffering, anger, jealousy -- all the madness every one is carrying inside.

People look sane  but they carry all the insanity inside which erupts at the slightest provocation. Create an outlet to throw out your mental garbage, make meditation your lifestyle.

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