'Need to address violence against women'

She was speaking at a seminar after the inauguration of a function organised as part of ‘Violence Against Women’s Day’ here.

Meena Seshu, a human rights activist said there were number of women who are willing to identify themselves as sex workers and society should provide space and opportunities for the voices of marginalised women.

"If we are not even willing to accept that there are women choosing this profession, then that itself is violence against sex workers," she added.


She mentioned about how judgmental attitudes of the society paves way for more violence against sex workers.

Dr Ellen Judd of the University of Manitoba spoke about how governments and the society conspire to cover violence faced by women. While stating the much research is required to study the factors, and universality of violence faced, the issue is a common one across the globe and we all need to do out bit to mitigate it.

Ms Bhagyalakshmi, Program Director of Ashodaya Samithi spoke about how they practiced zero tolerance to violence.

She said, "There was a time when we were afraid of even small boys when they heckled us, but our coming together has provided us the strength to claim our social space and stake claim for our rights".

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