Emphasising the power of the young

Great Impact

Visionary: Rob Salkowitz

Students of the institution, especially those had dreams to start their own enterprises, keenly listened to him and cleared their confusion in the interactive session with Rob. The author patiently answered every question and didn’t hesitate to offer his suggestions and correct their misunderstanding.

“Asians were a bit apprehensive about starting their own business. But in America, entrepreneurship is a part of our culture. But these days, the trend is slowly catching up in developing countries as well, which is a really good sign,” Rob said.

“These days, the entire world is looking at China. No doubt, today belongs to China but tomorrow is all about India. China’s economy is dependent on natural resources but India relies on its human knowledge which is renewable. India’s younger generation empowered by new technology will lead the world business in the years ahead,” he said.

Rob inspired students to take up innovative ways by talking about many successful stories of young achievers across the world like Suhas Gopinath, the world’s youngest CEO; Ory Okolloh, a Kenyan activist and many others.

“I know, in the audience, there are many people who have dreams to start their own companies. They need inspiration, they need success stories. People have to think twice before starting a company in a developed country. Whereas, in developing nations, there will be greater demand and bigger market. There are more basic problems to solve. So, I believe, anyone who can use technology differently will make an impact on the society,” he said.

“I had not read any of his books. But after listening to his power-packed lecture, I am dying to read his books especially the Young World Rising. He awakened us towards an ultimate truth that is, ‘talent’ has value’. I really liked his lecture,” said Anusha, one of the students.

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