College moots sari for teachers, students resent in Bhopal

Sarojni Naidu Autonomous Girl College, earlier known as Nutan College, has issued a circular asking women teachers to stick strictly to saris in college.

However, the main cause for concern is the college authority's desire to implement the same dress code on students as well from  the next academic session.

"The code is okay for teachers. They normally wear saris. But we will not accept the same.

We come to study in this college and so far it has given us the freedom to wear clothes of our own choice, so why this change now?" Anjali, an English literature student in the college, said to IANS.

Sarojani Naidu College is an autonomous body that has a Janbhagidari Committee set up by the state government. The dress code is a suggestion of the committee.

"We have no problems to take classes in a sari," said Laxmi Srivastava, a lecturer at the college.

The same emotions were expressed by college principal Shobhna Vajpai.

"First, I would like to inform you that it is not just our decision but also of Janbhagidari.

There is no harm in asking teachers to wear saris. As of now, we have not issued a dress code for the students. But yes, it is in the pipeline," she said.

National Student Union of India's general secretary Pinki Mudgal said: "If dress code would be implemented against the student's wish, then NSUI (the students wing of Congress) would protest it."

"There should be a survey on whether the students want a dress code or not and if they agree, then we have no problem. But if they don't, then we will not let the rule be implemented."

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