DRS could undergo changes: ICC

The DRS has been opposed by a few Boards, including India, and some top cricketers such as Sachin Tendulkar, and Lorgat said some changes could be made to the innovation to convince the sceptical lot.

"From the start we've always had a very open mind about the referral system and we are always open to changes that can make the system better," Lorgat told 'The Australian Associated Press'.

"There may still be changes to the system, I can't say what those changes might be, but we are open-minded. More and more people are being won over to the system after having seen it or used it. There are still a few people who are not supportive of it," he added without specifying the the exact nature of changes that could be made
Lorgat said players are becoming increasingly confident about the system with the increasing frequency of its usage.

Lorgat cited Alastair Cook's referral to correct a wrongful dismissal during the Adelaide Ashes Test agianst Australia as an example of the players' increasing faith in the system.

"It is not there to get a wicket when you are struggling to find one, it is there to fix the obvious errors - Alastair Cook's referral on the fourth day when he was given out caught behind off his arm was a classic example," he said.

"That's exactly what it is for, and I'm quite confident we are near to the ideal. We will never have it 100 per cent right." Lorgat said those opposed to DRS would also be convinced once its usage is increased at the international level.

"It is just an issue of them experiencing its use more often," he said.

"Similarly there was a fair amount of scepticism among a lot of countries two years ago, but the more they have used it the more they have liked it."

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