Former UAS VCs slam Palike ex-chief

Replying to statements made by Subramanya, the GKVK Estates Officer said the link road passing through the UAS campus was “unnecessary” and the grounds on which it has been commissioned was disputed.

The GKVK stated that the road constructed under the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) 2015 was not justified, as the validity of the CDP itself is being questioned at the High Court.

“The allegations that former vice-chancellors of GKVK have no regard for the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act (KTCP) is untrue, as the road was constructed by the BBMP in gross violation of the KTCP provisions. It is clearly stated that the Bangalore Development Authority has to acquire the land and notifying in the Gazette. Later, the BBMP has to be directed to execute the work. This procedure was not followed, ” the statement said.  

The VCs have stated that the BBMP had no right to change the alignment of the CDP 2015 and all changes in the CDP have to be approved by the Cabinet and the same was not allegedly followed by Subramanya.

BBMP Commissioner H Siddaiah said he has received the letter from the Standing Committee on Major Works suggesting that a notice be issued to Subramanya, but was yet to look at it. “I have requested the Standing Committee to present its findings in the next BBMP Council and then pass a resolution to issue a notice to the people concerned,” he said. 

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