Sea level rise to continue for centuries: Pachauri

Sea level rise to continue for centuries: Pachauri

Sea level rise to continue for centuries: Pachauri

Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) chief Dr R K Pachauri has asked the coastal states to fix their infrastructure and programmes to meet the sea level rise, a phenomenon that he says is likely to continue for centuries.

Pachauri said the sea level rise cannot be controlled now with the measures like reduction in emission of green house because the inertia has set in the climate change.

"Inertia in the system will let sea level rise to continue not only for decades but for centuries," Pachauri said on Wednesday addressing a lecture in the memory of renowned Goan industrialist Vasudeva V Sinai Dempo.

IPCC chief, who also is a Director General on The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), said the states like Goa should pull up their sleeves to face the after effects of climate change.

He said the state needs to work out modalities to protect 'low lying and fragile areas', which are likely to get affected due to sea level rise. Insisting that the 'zoning laws' needs to be properly enforced, Pachauri said this will help to save lives and properties of the people.

Pachauri said that excessive tourism, mining and shipping industry has left its footprints on state like Goa. He claimed that these kind of industries have lot of externalities.

"Goa having a fragile environment is subjected to large amount of tourism. Therefore anything can happen over the years," he said adding that state government needs to look at impact of this industry in totality.

IPCC chief said that Goa needs to do detailed assessment of what sea level rise can do for the state, which is geographically small. Citing the floods that hit state's southernmost Canacona taluka in October last year, Pachauri said that climate changes has resulted in the extreme events.

"The frequency of floods and droughts is going to be increased in the years to come," he said adding the states should be ready to face the crucial issue of water management. The internationally famed scientist appealed the governments to have a re-look at their economic growths.

He said the model like Bhutan where GDP is replaced with Gross National Happiness (GNH) should be emulated by nations.