It's a time to deck up your house with decorations such as stars, dolls, angels, candles, stockings, wreaths and of course a Christmas tree.

This Christmas vacations, try making these lovely decorations with odd things lying around your house.    I'm sure it would give you immense pleasure and satisfaction when you are appreciated for it.  


This Christmas, try out this Christmas tree made with green craft (glossy) paper using a simple method to make your very own handmade special Christmas tree.

MATERIALS REQUIRED:- Green glossy craft paper or crepe paper; Glue; Cello tape; Scissors; Thick  KG cardboard; A rod fixed to base ( to assemble the Christmas tree - figure 1.1); 3 D glitter glue or glitter red and white; gold and silver star


Cut out rounds of different diameters from several shades of green craft paper. Make eight cuttings from the edges of each round. (Figure 1.2)

Make a small cone from a thick cardboard. Cover the cone with clear plastic adhesive (cello tape) to prevent the tissue paper from sticking on to it. (Figure 1.3)
Wrap each of the eight flaps of the rounds over the tip of the cone (Figure 1.4) and apply glue with a brush to secure the flaps. Take the cone out and continue with the next flap. We will get star like shapes. (Figure 1.5) These star shapes can be used to assemble a Christmas tree.

We need a rod fixed with a base to assemble the Christmas tree. Length of the rod can depend on the height of the Christmas tree you are planning to make. Make a hole in the centre of the star shapes. Insert the shapes one by one, with the wider diameters first and then the smaller ones until the tree gets the required shape. Stick a gold or silver star at the top and decorate the tree.


This 3-dimensional star decoration is made from 2 paper stars that are interlaced. These stars stand by themselves on a table, and make a great Christmas decoration.

MATERIALS REQUIRED:-Thick cardboard; 2 different colours paper (red and green/ gold and red); scissors; cello tape / glue


Draw two identical stars on a Thick cardboard and cut it out. (Figure 2.1) Draw 4 same stars on the coloured paper

Stick the coloured paper on both the sides of the thick cardboard and let it dry for about 10 minutes.

Make one slit in each star. On one star, the slit goes from an outer corner to the center point; on the other star, the slit goes from an inner corner to the center point of the star as shown in the figure 2.2

Slip the two stars together through the slits you just cut. (Figure 2.3) For stability, you may have to tape the stars a bit where they meet at the slits.

You now have a great three-dimensional star decoration that stands by itself on a table.


Make a great Christmas stocking from a thick cardboard. You can hang it from your mantle and stuff it with Christmas goodies.

MATERIALS REQUIRED:- Thick KG cardboard;Colourful wrapping paper of your choice; pencil; scissors; glue;unching machine; wool or thick cotton thread


Draw two identical large stocking on a Thick cardboard and cut it out. Do the same with the coloured paper. Stick the coloured paper on thick cardboard and let it dry for about 15 minutes.

Now stick the two stockings together around the edges (make sure you don't put any glue along the top opening).

Punch holes around the edges of the stocking.

Weave the wool in and out of the holes. Leave a loop of wool at one end, and tie it in a knot.

Decorate your stocking with angels, stars cut-outs or glitter etc.

MATERIALS REQUIRED: - a paper plate – 7 ½ in diameter; pencil; compass; scissors; cello tape or stapler; crayons, paint, 3-D glitter and/or markers for decoration; cotton (a thin layer)


Draw a pattern like the one shown in Figure 5.1, on the underside of the paper plate. From the centre of
the plate draw a circle with a diameter 2 ½”
Cut along the lines, discarding the shaded blue portion as in Figure 5.2
Then Cut out the parts near the face, the pink portion. (Figure 5.3) This will form the wings of the angel. On
it stick a thin layer of cotton and keep it aside.
Decorate the angel with 3-D glitter (by markers draw stars, flowers etc.)
Overlap the edges of the angel's skirt slightly (marked in figure 5.4) and tape or staple it into place.
Lastly stick the wings behind the neck portion and then draw the eyes, hair, nose and mouth of the angel.
These easy to make Christmas Decorations can be placed anywhere, on the crib, bedpost, Christmas tree
etc. I am sure it will be exclusive from the rest, available in the market.

These easy to make Christmas Decorations can be placed anywhere, on the crib, bedpost, Christmas tree etc. I am sure it will be exclusive from the rest, available in the market.


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