Sojourn into city's seedy side

Experimentation and treading off beaten track is director M Sasikumar’s forte cultivated to a nicety. That Sasikumar is bestowed with prodigious talent showed superbly in Subramaniapuram. That it was well received both by critics and cine-goers spoke of film’s talented team.

After pathbreaking Subramaniapuram and an equally well-etched Naadodigal, Sasikumar eyes an encore with Easan. A harsh take on glitter and glamourous goings-on, Easan is a taut thriller that takes one into the seedy, dark underbelly of Chennai. It focuses on lifestyles of different strata of society specifically their attitudes and moral coda towards girls at posh pubs and glitzy discotheques.

Sasikumar brings to fore Chennai’s night life with trademark panache and stylised direction rendering Easan an engrossing urban story, with stark realism. Devoid of larger than life swash-buckling heros or ravishing heroines, Easan spotlights on nearly 15 characters with each individual proving his or her mettle in the roles essayed.

Given his facility with the medium, Sasikumar ably succeeds to an extent. While Sasikumar wishes admirers do not compare Subramaniapuram to Easan, one is wont to say it is certainly not in league of his sensational debut. Easan is tad tedious given its over three-hour laborious and bloody violent trip. Misgivings notwithstanding, Easan with its vivid portrayals holds interest and is a must watch.

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