Moulding the managers of tomorrow

Early birds

Schools in Bangalore are implementing these methods to mould the citizens of tomorrow. They feel that when it comes to management, you are never too young to begin training. Accordingly, schools are now allowing their students to take the reins in managing the academic sessions through the year, in keeping with the principle, of the students, by the students, for the students.

At JSS Public School located in Banashankari II Stage, high school students are allowed to manage various activities for one week. During this week, students frame the time-table, take classes for their peers, especially those with lower grades. The young managers will be evaluated at the end of the session. According to Principal, Gowri B Nataraja, the exercise has triggered a lot of debate among parents and students.

Explaining the exercise, she says, “It has been a great learning experience for the students of class IX and X. Peer learning is an effective device. It hones leadership skills among the students.”

Every activity that a student performs during the week is designed to improve the communication as well as public speaking skills. “Students love to be at the helm of affairs. The school has adopted a democratic election process to select class representatives from class VI. The members debate and discuss various issues of the school threadbare. It is extremely important that students understand the fundamentals of management, as it would help them in future,” adds Nataraja.

At many schools, students are assigned tasks based on the leadership skills that they have displayed earlier. Hence, a school captain often performs the role of a principal during mock-school sessions. Currently, a few schools have even adopted these skill-building activities on a daily basis as it promotes creativity and innovation in students.

“We allow students to take responsibility for events happening at our campus. We bring in these kind of exercises, hoping that it would ignite the minds of the youngsters. The ultimate aim of education is to mould youngsters who can use their knowledge and skills effectively whenever they need it,” said M Srinivasan, Chairman of Gear Innovative International School.  

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