Joining in the festivities


Melodious: A choir performance.

In keeping with the spirit of the season, the Bishop Cotton Boys' School held a festival of Christmas music called Xmas Rhapsody.

Held at the Bishop Cotton School grounds, the programme was attended by an overwhelming number of people which included the parents and kids from the school.
While the traffic and the crowded road did act as spoilers, they did not deter people from pouring in the entire evening.

The ground bustled with audience members and quite a few food stalls had been put up to keep the crowd engaged.

But it was the music that stole the show. The evening also saw the former Principal of the school, Abraham Ebenezer, joining the students in the festivities.

The programme started with a welcome speech by John Zachariah, Principal of Bishop Cotton Boys’ School and was followed by the school choir’s performance.

The choir sang Changed by a baby boy after which they dazzled the crowd with a Tamil song. The next group took the stage and sang Glory to God and Angels sang at Peace. The beautiful melody and the synchronised voices of the students created an effect that was a pleasure to listen to. 

 The members of the Kannada choir performed Janisidha Yesu Ee Lokadhi which was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. This was followed by the Mizo choir, which is known for its enchanting voice.

They sang Immanuel and the Mizo song which spoke about peace and brotherhood.
The evening got even more charming with the moonlight and the cheerful voices of students filling the ground. The other performers of the evening were Apoorva Ramesh singing Mercy; N Roberts; the Sri Lankan group – Jollee Abraham & group; Jeevitha, a group from the Nathaniel School of Music; and Leslie Lewis.

The rendition of Silent night had the audience joining in and brought the evening to an end.  

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