Two arrested for JD(S) worker's murder

Earlier, rivalry was suspected to be the reason behind the murder of Vijaykumar (27), a  resident of S Agrahara in the Srinivasnagar Assembly constituency.

New twist

However, now interrogation of the two arrested has provided a new twist to Vijaykumar’s murder. Vijaykumar was in the jail as an undertrial in connection with a murder case. He was freed two months ago.

Vijaykumar left his residence on a two-wheeler on December 12. However, his body was found in the wee hours of December 13.

His head was found smashed with a boulder and several empty liquor bottles were found near the body.

A case was registered with the Vemagal police station.

Criminal history

Vijaykumar was the prime accused in the murder of an ex-serviceman Perumal in S Agrahara. Fifteen other people were also arrested along with Vijaykumar.

Perumal was killed in a group clash triggered by the victory celebrations of a JD(S) candidate in the last year’s Assembly elections. Hence, gang rivalry was suspected to be the motive behind Vijaykumar’s murder.

However, interrogation of the two arrested is now pointing fingers at the role of the 15 others who were arrested along with Vijaykumar, in his murder, the police said.

Eve-teasing led to murder

Prime accused in another murder case Govindappa persuaded Rajan and Ratnappa to murder JD(S) activist Vijaya Kumar. The jailed Govindappa had been upset that Kumar teased his girl-friend, said Kolar District Superintendent of Police Dr K Tyagarajan.

Speaking at a press conference organised at Rural Circle in Kolar city on Monday evening, the DSP gave information about the case.

Govindappa was jailed for a murder case within the jurisdiction of the Rural Police Station in 2008.

His girl-friend informed Govindappa during meeting at the prison on December 11 that Kumar teased her. Angered by Kumar’s behaviour, Govindappa planned to have Kumar killed.

He offered two acres of land to Rajan and Ratnappa and persuaded to undertake the crime. He also paid them Rs 2,000 in advance.


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