WikiLeaks exposed US interference: Karat

The CPM general secretary said what was now in public domain with regard to India was just a “tip of the iceberg” as only a few diplomatic cables from the US Embassy in New Delhi were made public, but they gave a glimpse into the relationship between the two countries.

He said it was shown in the cables that India was apologetic for giving a transit to Iran President Mehmood Ahmedinejad, how “desperate and anxious” were Americans on the nuclear deal and how they were coordinating the foreign policy in line with that of the US.

Speaking at a seminar on “WikiLeaks, Radia Tapes and Paid News” organised by the Delhi Union of Journalists, he said: “When the full range of cables come out, you will have a full idea of the coordination between the US and India, including the US growing interference and influence in our public domain.”

More than what is revealed in the conversations, he said the cables gave a picture of the “true nature and character” of the US. “Most were related to Middle-East. You find they were naked and blatant in seeking to advance its interest in the region in coordination with Israel,” he said.

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