In harmony with the nature

In harmony with the nature


In harmony with the nature

SERENE The star-lined trees inside Christ University campus.

Celebrating a festival doesn’t really mean being extravagant or churning out a lot of clutter. However, unless a huge amount is spent on celebrations, a festival doesn’t really feel like a festival right? Wrong, say namma Bangaloreans! According to them, any festival can be celebrated in a quiet and eco-friendly manner and the same goes for Christmas. One can opt for certain environmental-friendly means of celebrating the festival that spreads cheer.

Ruling the roost in this context is the Marthoma Church on Primrose Road that has displayed a sprawling eco-friendly tree and is attracting visitors from all over the City. The ‘Peace Tree’, as it’s called, is 30 feet tall. The decorations on the tree have been made from waste, scrap and discarded things. So one can see things like video tapes, plastic bottles, newspapers and plastic bags adorning the tree. Says Rev Philip from the Marthoma Church, “It was the church choir that came up with this idea. It took us a week to implement it.” He adds, “Through the ‘Peace Tree’, we just want to say that everything is valuable in the eyes of God and what matters the most in the world is planet Earth.”

And it is not just the public places that are going green. Even the citizens of the City are quite conscious of the environment. For Brian Ammanna, an account manager, Christmas is a season of joy which brings out a lot of colourful decorations and lights everywhere. “We make it a point to reuse most of our decorations as many times as possible instead of buying new ones each year. This  includes the Christmas tree as well. We have also stopped bursting crackers during Christmas to cut down on noise and air pollution,” he notes.

Rahul Jacob, a student, prefers using a natural Christmas tree. “Instead of cutting a tree down or buying a plastic one, go for a potted Christmas tree. Use LED lights as they consume less power,” he advises.

Says Roopa Thomas, a chartered accountant, “We never dispose our Christmas decorations. So the same decorations are used every year. As they get old, we donate them to the needy.” She adds, “Utilise the money, that you would have spent on crackers, to donate something to the poor. It’s the season of giving after all.” So during this festive season, why not give something back to the environment?

Some green tips

*Use LED lights as they consume less energy. Use these lights for the decorations on your trees and to light up the stars outside your home as well.

*Wrap gifts in reusable fabric bags/ paper gift bags.

*Avoid strewing hay while making cribs.

*Don’t pollute the environment by bursting crackers.

*Instead of throwing away the leftover food, donate it to the needy.