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Does any consumer care for the onion farmer?


When we believe in perfect markets or near perfect competition, we need to accept the market forces which determine the market prices. Thus, when the production of onion fell, the demand being unaffected, as it is nearly a food crop but not exactly a food crop, the prices are bound to rise. And the prices have risen due to fall in production which is again cyclical. The price rise is also not directly transferred to farmers due to several market imperfections. We need to correct the domestic market imperfections in the form of creating proper road infrastructure, market and storage infrastructure in addition to information availability.

Farmers continue to suffer and are continuing to suffer whenever their production increases during which period, consumers are at an advantage. It is unfortunate that consumers cry for even small margins of normal profits, which the farmers realize perhaps once in a decade!

M G Chandrakanth
Professor of Agricultural Economics
Univ of Agricultural Sciences

Election Commission should mend its ways


This refers to the report “One man, one vote is a reality at Keredimba” (DH- 21st December 2010).

As stated in the report, the State Election Commission which takes out huge ads in the media, propagating the universal right to vote has been totally blind in this part of the region. How can the Commission be so irresponsible? Is it because the people living here belong to the backward class? We boast about the development and progress we are making. But I fear we are still way back in providing the basic needs and rights to our fellow beings living in the tribal areas.

Hope the Commission mends its ways at least now.

Shoaib Mohammed

Mere glib talk not enough


This refers to the editorial, “Plenary indulgence” (DH- 22nd December 2010).

Sonia Gandhi’s sermon on corruption will carry a hollow ring unless she takes some concrete action to set an example for others to follow.

If she is so concerned about corruption, she should openly and honestly declare the money the Gandhi family and the Congress possess in different tax havens like Swiss and Mauritius banks.

Hero Vaz


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