Spider-Man musical cancelled by state officials

'Spider-Man the Musical', which features music from Bono and The Edge, has been cancelled as of now after state officials demanded that cast and crew rehearse strict new safety measures following the accident on Tuesday, reported BBC News.

Stunt man Christopher Tierney fell 30ft into a stage pit after his harness failed to work properly. He was rushed to hospital and his brother Patrick said that he was due to have surgery on his back but would be released from hospital over the weekend.

The musical was expected to re-open today but the official opening night has now been pushed back till 7th February 2010.

The production has been beset by problems since previews began. Back in November 2010, Natalie Mendoza, an actress who plays the 'Spider Godddess', was hit in the head by a rope and suffered concussion while two other actors have suffered broken wrists.

The musical, costing USD 65 million in total, is the most expensive ever staged on Broadway and features 41 cast members and a full orchestra.

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