Fog engulfs BIA, delays 49 flights

Flight schedules may keep going awry over the next few days

Lack of visibility on the runway due to fog saw 25 departures and 24 arrivals get delayed at the airport. As many as 60 flights were affected even on Thursday morning around the same time. However, there were no flight diversions reported.

While all the arrivals were restricted to domestics flights, bad weather delayed the departures of the Lufthansa and Air France flights to France and the Dragon Air flight to Hong Kong. Of the domestic flights, four Air India flights to Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata were also stalled.

BIA employee Mahesh told Deccan Herald that the delay in departures in the morning created backlog, affecting the schedules of flights due for departure in the evening and night. The situation, however, eased later in the night and flights began departing on time.

Going by the meteorological department’s forecast of weather in the City, with the winter at its peak, air travelers cannot expect flights to adhere to schedules for a few more days to come.

According to BIA sources, fog generally hits the airport from the last week of November and extends into a couple of months into the next year.

And the situation will prevail despite the fog contingency plan that has been put in place. The meteorological department had recently announced that it has installed an additional transmissometer to determine the runway visual range in the airfield to ensure real time transmission of data to the air traffic controller.

The BIA had reported delays in several flights last year during the same time owing it to the fog.

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