'Avare' prey to extreme weather

'Avare' prey to extreme weather

Farmers are even more worried as worms too have increased.

Rate rises
‘Avare’ sells at Rs 35 to Rs 40 a kg. Beans of good quality, however, are not available. The cold, cloudy atmosphere during the last fortnight has resulted in prices shooting up.
The first round of crops that flowered were destroyed by the extreme weather conditions.
The farmers were unable to use pesticides for the rest of the crop, which, too, was therefore destroyed.

Grown everywhere
Avare’ has been grown almost all over the taluk this season. In addition to the conventional ragi fields, a crop was grown in the mango field and even separately. Regular rainfall had ensured a good crop and farmers had been expecting a good harvest. The weather, however, decided otherwise.

The entry of the avare harvest into the market automatically brings down the rate of other vegetables. However, as the entire crop is yet to reach the market this time, the rate of vegetables too has not reduced much.A favourite item on most local dishes, the lack of ‘avare’ on the plate will disappoint people a lot.

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