Big break in Bollywood

Big break in Bollywood


Big break in Bollywood

 EXCITED TilakSimilar to Chak De, the film’s story revolves around a women’s basketball team.

Talking to Metrolife, Tilak says, “When I started acting, Bollywood was never on the agenda, it came as a surprise to me. The role is fresh and all the actors are new, so I thought why not give it a shot.”

The movie, being directed by Shine Krishna, will also cast professional basketball players. Tilak’s role is that of a guitarist.

“One of the girls from the team falls in love with my character. The story is about how they cope with each other’s lifestyle and get over the hurdles,” says Tilak, who was earlier seen in movies like Ganda Hendathi, Meera Madhava Raghava etc.

4 PM On Court will be produced by Listo Media Entertainment Private Limited which is also producing Tilak’s Kannada film Chinnada Taali. “While shooting for Chinnada Taali, the producer approached me for this project and I went ahead and met the director and found the role interesting. I have never held a guitar so I will be soon going for lessons to learn the basics of guitar,” he says and adds, “I am so happy that things are turning out right for me. But this move to Bollywood does not mean I will stop acting in Kannada films.”

The shoot will start in second week of January in Thiruvananthapuram.